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TOPIC: Digital Play Therapy

A clinician’s guide to comfort and competence for COVID and beyond.

This presentation focuses on the responsible integration of digital tools in play therapy, the importance of speaking the client’s language, honoring the client’s culture, and the incorporation of the therapist 4Cs: Competence, Comfort, Culture, and Capability during the COVID pandemic and beyond.


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The inclusion of these tools is to be seen as an “and”: we can use our traditional items AND include digital tools in person and through telehealth. Whether the participant is a “technoskeptic” or a “technoneccisist”, this course will guide the participant through the fundamental tenets of the modality of Digital Play Therapy (DPT). Grounded in Prescriptive Play Therapy and the Therapeutic Powers of Play, a structure for the appropriate use and integration of digital tools will be discussed. Inclusion and accessibility are critical aspects of DPT and the well-rounded therapist will benefit from understanding this important topic in more depth. There is therapeutic value in the discussion of your client’s interests, in the knowledge of such interests, entering their world and culture, and the inclusion of digital tools in play therapy. Digital play therapy is not about jumping on some trendy bandwagon; it is about appropriately incorporating cultural shifts and having a foundation for such inclusion. There is room for many different grounded modalities and approaches under the play therapy umbrella and this presentation invites everyone in to find out more.


  • Explain the prescriptive nature of digital play therapy.
  • Identify at least one Therapeutic Power of Play’s core agent of change from each of the 4 quadrants.
  • Describe the therapeutic properties of at least one iPad, Nintendo Switch, or computer online program.
  • Identify at least 2 types of clientele who would potentially benefit from the use of digital play therapy.
  • Identify the components of the 4 C’s of digital play therapy.
  • Describe how the Therapeutic Powers of Play graphic can be used to write clinical notes.


Licensed Psychologist
Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor
Co-creator of the Virtual Sandtray
App (®© patent pending)
President CALAPT 2003

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Keynote Speaker Jessica Stone:

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  • Use of Digital Tools in the Play Therapy Process
  • Speaking the Client’s Language: From Board Games to the Virtual Sandtray
  • Board Game Play Therapy
  • Expanding Play Therapy: How to therapeutically speak the client’s language in a digital era
  • Play Therapy and The Virtual Sandtray App: Pros, Cons, and Possibilities
  • Learning the Socio-Emotional Traits of Gifted Children
  • Play Therapy and Technology
  • Intellectually Gifted, Socially Challenged Children
  • Play Therapy with Cognitively Gifted, Socially Impaired Children
  • Game Play
  • Interpretation of Experiences in Play Therapy with Children

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