Clinical Therapy

Address the Past, Heal the Present, Create Surety For the Future

Offering Clinical Services Since 1991

Important COVID-19 notes:  All services are being delivered 100% via telehealth until further notice.

Dr. Stone is traditionally licensed in Colorado and California.  Additionally, the ASBPP program has enacted the PSYPact program allowing licensed psychologists to provide services in participating states. Therefore, Dr. Stone has an expanded reach via the ePassport PSYPact program for the following states: Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Maine, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and West Virginia. This means she can provide services for clients who reside in the states listed utilizing a PSYPact ePassport approval*. For more information on this program please refer to this site:

Built to support children, adults, and professional therapists, this clinical therapy practice focuses on allow participants to discover trust, confidence, and connections. While professional accolades provide the education and skills to guide healing and growth, levels of both empathy and passion further guide your progress.  Together let’s address the past, heal the present, and create surety for the future.
*due to insurance restrictions, any out of state clients will need to be private pay.  A form can be provided for you to bill your insurance and they will reimburse you directly as your plan allows.


Clinical Therapy for Children
If you are a parent who is exasperated by difficult behaviors in your child or if you are a therapists who has exhausted your toolkit, please reach out for a consultation. I receive a lot of referrals from professionals needing support with difficult cases.

Adolescents &
Young Adults

Clinical Therapy for Teens
As an adolescent/young adult between 15-25 you are entrenched in transitions with school, work, and life. If you can see a desired future, but recognize blocks in your emotional well-being, family relationships, or confidence, let’s have a conversation.


Clinical Therapy for Adult Women
I specialize in helping women process early trauma, sexual abuse/dysfunction, and parental loss so you can live in and enjoy the present.